24 April 2010

Enclosed EP [2008]

Often people say that to an artist his creation is like a child. I wonder then if parents, after having two or more, secretly always love their first kid the most? Because that's how I still feel about this first attempt at publishing (in a vague sense of the word!) my conception of music.

This is where it began for me, after spending days and weeks practically isolated in my room, while now and then visiting performances that made me think "hey, I can do better than this". I know it may sound quite pompous, but the truth is, it was last year that I found out in a casual chat with a friend (who has been around in regional scene quite actively before me) that she got "inspired" in exactly the same way while watching exactly the same band. Who says it's only the best that get us going?

Still quite shy and generally lacking any real ambition, this is what I wrote in early 2008 when this cheap CD-R was released:

Self-released promotional CD, burned in small quantity for friends and labels and packed in a slim plastic case with 4-page inlay. It presents three tracks of different nature, a kind of an exercise in approaching the target from different angles. Knowing where I want to get in the end, this also helped me to learn which direction to take in the future.

I've been playing around with music software since '99 (with a few long breaks, though), and during whole that time, altogether less than ten people knew about this, of which only four of them have heard some small part of what I'd done. I actually never faced any negative response, but I haven't felt myself that it's good or mature enough, not even for a demo.

Enclosed EP was to change this, resulting in something I finaly felt comfortable with as a starting point, from which I hope to progress significantly as I get a tighter grip on production skills and the process of bringing ideas into reality.

Getting some proper equipment would definitely help, too :)

The release was of course made available through almighty Internet and with big help and support from my friends got to ears of some number of people here. But there was (and still is!) a long way to go.

Here is the tracklist as it appears on original sleeve and the link to free download of this EP:

Enclosed EP

01 re_current
02 enclosed
03 distance

Free download under Creative Commons licence:

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