24 April 2010

Transitional [AE003 / 2009]

And now for something completely different.

If I could only explain how did I get to this. Most of the year up to that point, late October 2009 to be precise, seemed to be a collection of futile attempts, unnecessary worries and days lost. In fact, right now I can't recall how did I actually spend most of my time then.

I do remember though how I found myself not knowing even how to start making new music numerous times, or when I would eventually start - it would lead nowhere. Then I tried to immerse myself in any topic that has no obvious relation to music, so that I could maybe draw some inspiration or even a whole concept from it. Eventually I got stuck with architecture, which in fact was quite interesting. Among many really fascinating examples of human imagination and skill, you also get to learn how Le Corbusier planned to demolish central part of Paris north of Seine and build this:

La Ville radieuse

Needless to say, the project wasn't approved. Paris hasn't had such "visionary" officials like Belgrade did in mid 20th century, who encouraged quite similar projects again north of city's main river. I consider myself lucky not to have had grown up there. Still, the gloominess of a large, dirty and chaotic city that is sometimes Belgrade doesn't end in the neighborhood shown in the example. "Alienation in urban environment" isn't really that much of a cliché, as it may sound, when you have to actually deal with it.

In a way, my feelings towards this topic eventually formed pieces of sound that slowly (and I mean slooooowly) grew and grew to finally become a part of this release. Strangely enough, as it usually goes in life, so many things came to a rapid climax in that short period around the time the CD was due - and all with a happy end.

Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan (CD inlay photo by Kanae Sato)

This change of mood from the beginning to the end, I believe, seems quite obvious on the CD. While the first track is by some people described as "too depressive to play often", the ending one offers hope and positive excitement - something I have to admit not accomplishing often enough in music.

Transitional was my first (solo) release for the Àsino Elettronico label - which I co-created with my friend Xiqhhyiecryn the year before - and it managed to get some slightly wider than usual attention through several contacts. It got a really nice review, a place in the middle of a regional "top 100" album chart for 2009 and the first ever radio play on a major radio station in Serbia (B92).

Rather strange for such an "alienated" record, I guess.

Silent street by Koneyn

Here is the direct connection to the otherwise framed page on label's website, where you can find more informations, tracklist, and of course the download link for the release (artwork included):


January 2011 update:
Another nice review, on Connexion Bizzare online magazine, courtesy of Paul Lloyd.

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