24 April 2010

Stormfields [2008]

It was late Spring of 2008, I was being quite lazy as far as life goes at the time, then there was this unexpected change of living space conditions (for the better) and also some major investments of what you'd call "entry level professional equipment" - seems that things had just clicked together so that I could make another release, 5 months after the first one.

Initially it was supposed to be a split CD with Youth A.D., where each of us would spit out some noise or whatnot, but as usual, I drifted far into my not-that-noisy world - I've already done three tracks when I realized that this is not "it".

So what was it, then?

Just a slightly lenghtier record than the first one, Stormfields goes a little bit further in semi-improvised sonic exploration, bringing together noisy and bass-heavy humming with what appears to be a more "natural" sound. Melodies are also more prominent than before, and so are the ambiental soundscapes that wander around most of the time.

Again, it comes both as a free, limited, do-it-yourself CD-R package and mp3 files for download.

Apparently, people liked it more than the first one. At least it attracted more listeners, and still does surprisingly.

Thistle by Koneyn


01 Intro
02 Yıldırım
03 Thistle
04 Leyl
05 Farewell

Free download under Creative Commons licence:

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