24 April 2010

A fresh start

Spam. Bugs. Image and link censorship. Slow loading. "Unexpected errors". Ads. More spam. And even more bugs.

Got sick of all that on MySpace, and went for this good old, more practical option. Not much of a blogging person myself, I still owe a lot to this medium and with all of the mixed media work (music, design, and of recently a bit of video) that is slowly starting to pile up, I can't think of more flexible solution which would hold all of this in one organized whole, while still allowing me to easily get feedback from friends and any possibly interested people.

My first blogging adventure, some four and a half years ago finished quite soon, after only two posts. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again - for a start by putting up all the stuff that may not be quite fresh but still I hope you'll find checking them out worthwhile.

Welcome! :)


  1. Better Bugs than Polys ;)

    Welcome ablogoard! :))

  2. And now for something completely different. :)) Great idea :)

    Super ti je ono malo "pojasnjenje" oko Transitional-a :)

  3. Ej, baš lepo iznenađenje :D Hvala ljudovi :)

    P.S. Bugs are not quite so exotic :)

  4. Hey friend, ;-D

    like your page. Can't wait for your next release 7:-\


  5. А штоооо приииичашшш ееенглееески? :D

    Šalim se :)

    Danke Herr Pawwa :)

  6. Hej, Kole, svidja mi se tvoj blog; dodao bih ga na listu b[l]ogova mog bloga - ako dozvoljavas, sure.